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2018 bursary


December 2018 - Agreements Posted

Master Agreement - effective November 2018

Subsidiary 002 Sub-Agreement - effective November 2018

Wage increase negotiations for 2019 will start January 15. Read more.

As always, please contact a member of Local 002's Bargaining Committee or the Bargaining Committee Chair if your have further questions. 

Contact Local 002's Bargaining Committee for information on bargaining (contract negotiations).

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Contact Local 002

This website is managed by Local 002 member volunteers.  If you are a Local 002 member and your comment/question is directly related to Local 002 business, please submit this form.  Because we are volunteers, responses to questions may take a week to ten days. 

If your message relates to an employment/union issue or is of an urgent nature, please contact the AUPE office at:

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Local 002 Council Meeting

January 19, 2019