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About Us

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Administrative & Program Services

Locals in the General Service of the Alberta Government are made up of a large number of workers in a "community of interest." For example, all members of Local 002 are considered administrative or related to program services. They are grouped into five categories (streams):

  • Administration
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Program Services
  • Scientific

Locals represent a large number of employees doing similar work at different job sites. The largest locals are divided into chapters, to represent members geographically. Each local and chapter has a democratically elected executive. Local 002's Council Repressentatives are elected every two years at each Chapter's Annual General Meeting. 

Administrative and Program Services Stream Definitions - Point Rating Evaluation Plan for Non-Management (PREP) - Here you can find the various streams of work that are included in Local 002. Also, minimum recruitment standards are included for each level of the five streams.

Local 002 Subsidiary Agreement - In your subsidiary agreement you will find specifics related to the Program Services classification. Pay scales and grids are included in the subsidiary agreements.

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Area Councils

Area Councils organize family-oriented union events

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