Bullying & Harassment

Government of Alberta

Respectful Workplace Directive

Respectful Workplace Directive (link verified Mar-2018)

Bullying in the Workplace

  • What is workplace bullying?
  • Is bullying a workplace issue?
  • What are examples of bullying?
  • How can bullying affect an individual?
  • How can bullying affect the workplace?
  • What can you do if you think you are being bullied?
  • What can an employer do?
  • What are some general tips for the workplace?

Go to: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. (link verified Mar-2018)

Bullying Research

Workplace Bullying Institute

Although primarily U.S., this website offers valuable detailed information on bullying, such as the signs, information on targets, how bullying happens, health issues, employer's reactions and more.  If you are being targeted, this is a good place to start to learn more.
Website (link verified Mar-2018)

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