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Employee Relations

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About the Committee

The Employee Relations Committee (ERC) is a committee of Local 002 Council representatives that meets regularly with the Employer’s representatives – Public Service Commission and Human Resources consultants from various ministries. Participants may bring up any issues not related to pending or existing grievances, terms and conditions of the Master Agreement, and issues for which other resolution mechanisms have not been explored.

ERC meetings are important for making the Employer aware of concerns and issues that affect such matters as health and safety, operations, work/life balance, quality of service, equity, respect and recognition, training, recruitment and retention, and staff morale. The ERC also facilitates information exchanges about issues among the various departments employing Local 002 members. It is a mechanism for getting background information and influencing the Employer’s HR policy. 

What work-related issues are you and your co-workers facing? Help us prioritize the issues that we bring to the Employer by filling out Local 002's worksite survey.

View the committee's Terms of Reference.

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