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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why am I in the union?

ANSWER: The Public Service Employee Relations Act (1977) established the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) as the bargaining organization for all government employees who were not in management or other excluded categories. Those employees who have religious or other objections to union membership are allowed to opt out, but must still pay dues to the union.

Why am I in Local 002?

ANSWER: Direct government (“general service”) employees in AUPE (as opposed to those in other sectors, such as health or educational services) are divided into several locals on the basis of “community of interest.” Local 002 includes employees in administrative and program services jobs. This includes most jobs requiring a university degree, with the exception of social workers, who are in Local 006. Each general service local has a separate subsidiary agreement specific to the work of that local; the subsidiary agreements include the pay grids and lists of the classifications included in that agreement. All general service employees are covered by the same Master Agreement. Together, the Master Agreement and Subsidiary Agreement compose the contract between the employees and the employer (the Government of Alberta).

If your job classification is included in Subsidiary Agreement 002, you are a member of Local 002.

How are union dues set?

ANSWER: Dues are set by vote of delegates to the annual convention of AUPE. Currently, dues are 1.25% of salary. Dues are tax-deductible.

What is a Membership Services Officer?

ANSWER:  AUPE's Membership Services Officers (MSOs) are employees of the Union. They serve as your first point of contact for information and can often help you find the right person to talk to, whether it is a union steward in your area or a specialist who can provide advice on specific issues. Officers cover specific regions, different employers, or government department.

Find your MSO:  Call 1-800-232-7284 or Edmonton 780-930-3300


What courses can I take?

Visit AUPE's website for information on courses.
AUPE Member Education