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Did you know that AUPE has an app? Now, not only can you stay up to date on the top stories and news releases, or find AUPE contact information with the tap of a finger, you can access the Member Discount list while you are on the go. And you can have confidence that the discount list is current and up to date with the hottest deals in town.

You can download the free app at iTunes and Google Play Store. Just one more way that you can have immediate access to the news and information you need when you need it.


The members of the membership services committee from May 2017 to May 2019 are:

  • Cecilia Fernandes - Chair
  • Susan Cowtan
  • Jennifer Dietrich - Vice Chair
  • Kenneth Lynch
  • Laurie Quinton
  • Pam Vona - Secretary

Chair Job Description - May 2017


Membership Services Reports - 2018

MSC Reports - 2017